The idea behind Simplicity is to build a theme which is elegant, ver­satile but still fast, without any clutter and the pur­pose to make blogging and publishing as easy as possible.

While sketching Simplicity I asked myself: »How much can I strip down from a post. How much front matter is truly needed?« And the answer is really simple: For pages or posts you need no front matter at all. You create a file, name it and Jekyll uses the file name automatically if you don’t add title to front matter.

Simplicity chooses the layout for you

And because you can define the default-layout in _config.yml. You don’t need to add title: to front matter either. But what makes this theme truly elegant is, that if you need some tasty video on top of your posting or a nice image, you do it like this…


or that…

image: image-on-top-of-post.jpg

The layout figures out what to do :)

And if you are a blogger who enjoys spicing up his posts, there are plenty of possibilities. Maybe like this?!?

subheadline:    I love'em
title:          Your Title
header_image:   amazing_header_image.jpg
comments:       true
show_meta:      true
embed:          <iframe></iframe>

For more options, download Simplicity and check out its well-documented templates, includes and layout-options.

All the best from Cologne, Moritz »mo.« Sauer